Hybrid Oil Pan
Utilizing a cross-functional team, Shiloh designed an engine sump assembly that combines a die cast aluminum upper structural component and stamped ShilohCore laminated steel lower oil pan. This provides the structural requirements for bending rigidity between the engine and transmission plus the vibration damping performance of ShilohCore.

Shiloh’s precision metal stamping capabilities provide our customers with the industry’s latest stamping technologies with a wide range of press sizes to accommodate the most complex stamping requirements, including transfer and progressive press technologies.

Our customized stamping solutions can help you:

  • Develop an optimized solution for combining stamping, aluminum or magnesium die casting, and our ShilohCore laminated metal technologies.
  • Engineer hybrid solutions utilizing multiple processes and materials
  • Balance lightweighting requirements, system cost, and upfront tooling investment without compromise
  • Significantly reduce interior and passby noise using ShilohCore laminates in steel or aluminum

StampLight® Process and Solutions

With presses ranging from 50 to 3,000 tons and bed sizes up to 240 inches, Shiloh can stamp metal components for deep draw applications with complex configurations such as oil pans, transmission pans and valve covers. We manufacture a variety of specialized components for emissions control systems, seat assemblies, vehicle brakes and other structural body systems.

Shiloh’s stamping processes include:

  • Deep draw stamping
  • Transfer and progressive dies
  • Ultra-low deflection technology in our stamping presses
  • Welding and modular assembly capabilities
  • ShilohCore laminated steel or aluminum
  • White light scanning

Shiloh can help you meet established stamping specifications or design a custom solution to reduce weight and improve overall cost.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

ShilohCore Acoustic Coil Laminate can significantly reduce noise in powertrain applications, deep-draw stampings and other small components. With more than 25 years of experience in deep-draw stamping of laminates, we are the only manufacturer to control the entire process including adhesive production, steel lamination, component stamping and assembly.