Shiloh’s manufacturing capabilities are material-agnostic – meaning we will design and deliver solutions in the best material to meet your product requirements.

Body Structure & Interior Systems

Shiloh’s body structure and interior system components embody our desire to keep passengers and cargo safe while providing you a silent ride. The parts must be strong and stiff enough to withstand high loads, but designed to achieve weight reduction.

Through design optimization, we are able to engineer and manufacture durable and lightweight multi-material solutions. Using our proprietary NVH laminates, we can reduce noise and eliminate the need for additional sound-damping materials, further reducing the weight of the vehicle.

Shiloh’s solutions include: dash and floor panels; plenum; trunk floors; spare wheel and folding seat tubs; door systems; wheelhouse; roof panels; instrument panel beams; seat supports; seat back frames; seat risers and center console frames.

Powertrain Systems

Shiloh’s powertrain systems offers OEMs and suppliers sustainable multi-material solutions to reduce weight, noise and vibration.

Using our advanced engineering design and simulation capabilities we can provide the optimum solution for every product, whether it is cast, stamped or a complex assembly incorporating both, with the added benefit of noise and vibration reduction using our proprietary NVH laminates.

Shiloh’s solutions include: planetary carriers; clutch housings; transmission gear housings; engine valve covers; valve bodies; rocker arm spacers; heat shields; exhaust manifolds; cones; baffles; mufflers shields; engine oil pans; transmission fluid pans; front covers; transmissions covers.