Shiloh® Laser-welded Blanks®

Shiloh’s laser welded blanks (LWB) and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) solutions set the bar in lightweighting, without sacrificing product quality, performance or formability. We produce both monolithic (single) and multi-material blanks using aluminum, mild and high strength steel, stainless steel, as well as laminated blanks for superior noise reduction.

Our blanking and design solutions can help you:

  • Reduce weight significantly
  • Improve noise and vibration damping without adding to overall weight
  • Optimize materials to increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminate unnecessary components and assembly operations

Shiloh® Laser Welded Blanks (LWB)

Shiloh’s advanced engineering process allows us to join two or more materials into a single blank, resulting in additional strength where needed and reduced weight where possible. Our range of laser welded blanks can help you reduce mass and material, meet product design requirements and offer better formability.

Types of welded blanks:





Thick gauge Thin gauge Weld
Our range of laser welding helps you reduce mass and material, meet product design requirements and offers better formability.

Shiloh® Aluminum Laser Welded Blanks

Aluminum laser welding is another cutting-edge lightweighting solutions that do not compromise safety or strength for cost and weight savings. Shiloh® aluminum laser welded blanks are the lightest blanks in the industry and the first formable aluminum welded blanks for mass production, allowing our customers to increase efficiencies while reducing overall expense.

Switching from steel to aluminum laser welded blanks for door-inner panels can save nearly 40 lbs. per vehicle and 25% in overall costs, plus reduce mass by over 40%. Aluminum laser welded blanks save weight over monolithic steel, laser welded steel and monolithic aluminum.Switching from steel laser welded blanks to Shiloh aluminum laser welded blanks for door-inner panels can save nearly 18kg per vehicle. Plus, the move to Shiloh aluminum laser welded blanks can save 25% in costs and more than 20% in mass over changing to aluminum monolithic blanks.

Lightweighting With Benefits®



Acoustic Panel Laminate

ShilohCore® provides optimum weight reduction and damping for body panels and other applications where stiffness, package space and complex joints are required. Our engineering team will consult with you to design and develop a custom solution that targets only the NVH hotspots, and optimize the area of damping coverage, saving weight and costs. Typical applications where acoustic panel laminate can help reduce weight include: dash and floor panels, plenum, trunk floors and spare wheel and folding seat tubs to name a few. We custom manufacture these components to your specifications.

ShilohCore can reduce interior noise by over 2dB, decrease damping treatment mass by 45%, and cut the overall assembly costs by up to 20%.

Acoustic Coil Laminate

Cummins Acrostik LCPD 3ShilohCore can reduce noise in a wide range of applications, from powertrain applications and deep-draw stampings to smaller components. Due to the high-vibration input from the engine block, damping across the whole panel gives the best noise reduction. OEM engine testing has shown a reduction of up to 3dB in overall noise level. ShilohCore powertrain applications include: engine and transmission oil pans, engine front end covers, camshaft covers, hydraulic/fuel pump covers and vibration isolation mounts/brackets.