On April 12, 2021, Aludyne, Inc. purchased Shiloh’s CastLight division.
Information here will be transitioned to in the near future.
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Shiloh’s CastLight® custom die casting solutions can provide a full line of advanced engineered products in both aluminum and magnesium. Additionally, we offer high ductile castings integrated with stamped body-in-white (BIW) components, delivered as a complete assembled system.

Our wide-range of die cast capabilities can:

  • Optimize your design and integrate components into a single casting
  • Leverage aluminum and magnesium for lightweighting
  • Reduce assembly time, complexity and overall costs

CastLight® Process and Solutions

Shiloh is the global leader in high-integrity, high-vacuum, high-pressure die castings, providing high ductility in aluminum and magnesium. Our advanced processing strategies address a variety of casting wall thickness ranges:

2–4mm — ThinTech®
A variant of the HPDC, the ThinTech® process can produce superior, high integrity, thin-walled components that are both heat treatable and weldable.
4–10mm — Enhanced High Pressure Die Cast (HPDC)
HPDC process produces pressure-tight, highly complex aluminum and magnesium castings.
>10mm — Squeeze Cast
Squeeze casting incorporates the benefits of HPDC with the unique advantages of low pressure casting. Ideal for safety critical applications, suspensions, axles and steering. The lighter alternative to most heavy cast iron components.

Casting Capabilities

moltenShiloh manufactures our castings with multiple aluminum and magnesium alloys including standard materials along with high-purity, high-ductility alloys for custom engineered casting solutions.

Once casting is complete, we can also provide these secondary processes:

  • Testing: Pressure and leak testing, X-ray for part integrity, dimensional checks
  • Heat Treatment: Material strengthening including T4, T5, T6 and T7
  • Machining: Matched set serialized traceability; standard high tolerance requirements
  • Assembly: Spot welding; laser welding; TIG and MIG welding
  • Finishing: Parts washing; deburring; e-coat, painting, alodine and chromate conversion coating