Advanced Engineering

Design Optimization Strategy

Shiloh’s advanced product engineering allows us to match your product requirements with Shiloh process capabilities to provide the optimum design. We’ll work hand in hand with your engineering department to recommend product design development and improvement strategies based on our many years of experience, and knowledge in product development, tool design and manufacturing excellence.

Our advanced engineering team can help you:

  • Achieve the most effective lightweighting solutions known in the industry by recommending product material (aluminummagnesium, steel or a combination) based on your performance, weight and cost targets
  • Improve product function while reducing overall cost and maintaining integrity
  • Meet and exceed your tolerance and quality targets

CAD & CAE Capabilities

We work with numerous CAD tools to ensure our designs function within our customer’s internal systems, as well as, multiple CAE programs to measure specific performance characteristics and ensure our designs meet or surpass your product requirements. Additionally, these modeling tools allow us to identify and address critical factors and changing variables to result in long-term success.

Optical Circle Grid Analysis

Design Tools 1We utilize a non-contact optical 3D deformation measuring system to optimize the sheet metal forming process. It allows us to:

  • Detect critical deformation areas quickly
  • Solve complex forming problems
  • Verify numerical simulations and FE models
  • Create Forming Limit Curves, FLC
  • Compare measured deformations to material characteristics

3D Scanning

At Shiloh, we utilize 3D scanning to capture part geometry and complex tool/die data, as well as:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Part benchmarking
  • Research & development
  • Confirming dimensional accuracy, thinning & spring back analysis
  • Comparison of tool & die data