Environmental, Health & Safety


Lightweighting With Benefits®

At Shiloh, we are committed to protecting and conserving the global environment. We view this as a company-wide responsibility. Through our daily business operations, our innovative lightweighting technology decreases not only part weight, but overall vehicle weight as well, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and reduced material consumption and CO2 emissions.

More than half of Shiloh’s facilities are landfill-free, reducing waste by 220 million pounds within the first 10 months of the 2015 fiscal year. We take a holistic view of reducing emissions throughout the supply chain, from producing less steel, which lowers energy consumption and produces less greenhouse gas, to reducing vehicle weight. It is what our customers expect from us, and what we demand of ourselves. We strive for all capable facilities to be Certified Landfill-Free by 2020.

Our employees practice pollution prevention.


Shiloh employees are challenged to conserve natural resources by reducing, reusing and recycling in all of our global operations. We constantly strive to increase our pollution prevention efforts at the source of our production processes by eliminating unnecessary waste. We also actively promote the use of conservation techniques and the reuse of materials wherever possible.

All Shiloh manufacturing locations in North America and Europe maintain environmental management systems certified to the ISO 14001 standard, which helps us identify and reduce our environmental impact.


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