Shiloh Industries Honored in Inaugural PACEpilot Awards

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN, APRIL 27, 2020 – Shiloh Industries, an environmentally focused global supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions, has been named a 2020 Automotive News PACEpilot honoree for its innovative aluminum laser welding technology.

The PACEpilot program, part of Automotive News’ prestigious annual PACE awards, recognizes innovations from suppliers for game-changing technologies.

“Shiloh’s proprietary laser welding technology is a breakthrough for automakers looking to lightweight and lower the cost of their vehicles, while maintaining or improving safety and durability,” said Scott Borovich, vice president, business development and technology. “We are honored to be recognized by Automotive News for this exciting, new technology. It is truly a game-changer.”

Shiloh’s proprietary technology accomplishes in aluminum what was previously only available with steel. This unique ability to fuse two aluminum blanks of similar or dissimilar material thicknesses while maintaining maximum formability provides unique product benefits that allow an OEM to reduce cost, reduce weight, reduce scrap, and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint. Applications for this technology include door and liftgate inners, A and B pillars, roof bows, package trays, floor pans, tunnels, battery enclosures and frame rails.

“Shiloh’s aluminum laser welding process is the first in the industry proven to withstand extreme formability and durability,” said Jim Evangelista, director, research and development.

“Shiloh’s aluminum laser welded blanks require less material and yield a more consistent joint than the competition,” he continued. “We are very excited about how this technology will benefit our customers; including performance, speed to market, profitability and CO2 footprint.”

Mon, April 27, 2020