Shiloh Industries Develops Lightweight Aluminum Cast Rear Solid Beam Axle Housing

PLYMOUTH, MICH., July 27, 2017 – An industry leader in lightweighting, Shiloh Industries, has reduced the weight of a solid rear beam axle housing by 11 kilograms or 24 pounds.

Utilizing our proprietary, cutting-edge casting technology, Shiloh engineers were able to reduce the part weight of a traditional cast iron rear beam axle housing by over 40%, creating one of the lightest pickup truck solid beam axle housings in the industry.  This innovative design also reduces secondary machining operations saving production time and cost, without compromising strength or performance.

“We believe we are the first in the industry able to produce a pickup truck rear beam axle housing in aluminum,” said David Jaeger, senior vice president and managing director, CastLight. “This exciting new product is another example of Shiloh’s unique ability to develop innovative lightweighting technologies while assisting our customers in optimizing the strength, weight and performance attributes of their vehicles.”

Shiloh customized the chassis component for an OEM to further reduce weight on the launch of their 2019 model year light duty pickup trucks.

Fri, July 28, 2017